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Why Us?

Federation of Plastic Manufacturers Recyclers and Users, Ghana (FeDPMRUG); otherwise known as The Plastics Federation is a not-for-profit organization, representing various recycling institutions, manufacturers, clubs, organisations, etc across the country.

The Plastics Federation operates within the space that encourages material resource recovery, greening evolution, environmental sustainability, reducing waste into landfills, Circular Economy of plastics, profitable supply and use of plastics as a material.  Members of the Federation are large, medium and small-scale operators (manufacturing and sale), importers, exporters of plastic materials and individual users in every part of the country.

We have a strong collaborative network with diverse stakeholders within Ghana, South Africa, Europe, Americas and the Asian plastics associations with numerous miscellaneous member companies in Ghana operating in all responsible fields for the betterment of our environment. On a global level, we have strong ties with PlasticsEurope, we support the activities of the World Plastics Council (WPC) and the Global Plastics Alliance (GPA).

The Plastics Federation is registered at the Registrar Generals Department of Ghana as limited by Guarantee Not-For Profit organization. The Plastics Federation coordinates the  activities of various stakeholders operating in the value chain of plastics production, trade, waste management, recycling and waste pickers across the country. We also seek for the highest level of policy recognition of the industry as a contributor to the economy of Ghana. The Plastics Federation promotes its activities by:

  • Liaising with national institutions in policy matters to encourage decisions based on accurate information and research
  • Creating alliances with various stakeholders in the plastics value chain and beyond (Brand Owners, NGOs, academia, International Agencies …)
  • Raising awareness of the material’s beneficial properties and its positive contributions to sustainable development, innovation and quality of life throughout its life cycle
  • Creating educational resources to provide fact-based information and correct misconceptions
  • Initiating in-depth scientific and social studies and sharing experiences to provide valuable knowledge to the general public and facilitate continuous enhancements of the benefits provided by plastics.

How We Do It?

We are focused on the following Six (6) Core Growth areas

In conjunction with various stakeholders, we provide strategic leadership on environmental issues coupled with effective collaboration with various stakeholders of the Plastics Federation

Accessing and influencing key policy decisions-makers, with compelling and alternative policies and strategies that affect industry players.

Relevant industry issues are shared with industry players, the media and the general public.

In order to meet the needs of various industry players, we’re offer basic industry training from all fronts to equip the technical capabilities and capacity building of industry members, their staff and the general public.

In this area, acquiring and compiling industry statistics as well as research information to help in propelling effective information resource for all within the Federation is key, hence, we are dedicated to deep and incisive research, both scientific and social.

Offering the organizations and companies that have duly subscribed to the Plastics Federation effective services, including industry data and information, linkages with suppliers and consumers, advocacy with policy makers and drivers, media exposure, technical operational training, etc. tailored to their needs and growth.

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How We Do It?

The Plastics Federation is a federation made up of organizations, institutions, companies, corporations, associations, clubs and individuals who either manufacture plastics products (or incorporate plastics in their manufacturing process), recycle used plastic materials, are involved in marketing plastics products or use plastics materials.

The Plastics Federation is funded by subscription from members, voluntary contribution from members and donor-funded projects, programmes and other fund-raising activities.

The Federation operates through a system of specialist Directorates, which enables the critical and relevant specialist services to be provided to members in a collective effort to improve the business environment of the plastics industry in which all stakeholders can have the chance to reap the fruit of their endeavours.

The Plastics Federation is managed by officers and governed by a Council. The management comprise the President, Directors for the various departments and Managers in charge of the various regions in Ghana (see organogram).

The Council is made up of five permanent members and three non-permanent members who are elected from the general membership of the Federation for a two-year term, renewable. The three non-permanent councilors are:

one from Corporate members, one from Institutions and one from Associations. The President of the Federation is a member of the Council. New Council members are nominated and appointed in consultation with the President of the Federation.

There are six departments currently in the Federation. These are:

1. Policy and Sustainability

2. Finance

3. Administration

4. Planning and Coordination

5. Education and Training

6. Media and Research

Each department is headed by a Director and supported by a Deputy Director. All Directors and Deputy Directors will be appointed by the Council in consultation with the President.

The country has been split into ten regions, namely

1. Greater Accra

2. Central and Western

3. Eastern

4. Ashanti

5. Ahafo and Brong Ahafo and Western North

6. Bono East and Oti

7. Upper West

8. Upper East and North East

9. Northern and Savannah

10. Volta


Each region will be managed by a Manager appointed by the Council in consultation with the President.

Membership of the Plastics Federation is by Subscription. A prospective member shall apply to join the Plastics Federation. This application shall be endorsed by two members of the Federation. Membership is retained by the payment of an annual subscription fee which is determined by the Federation. Such subscription fees are paid in full in the first week of January of every year. Members can pay subscription fees for a maximum of two years in advance.

Membership Status and Subscription fees


Corporate Members                                 GHC 18,000.00 per year

Institutions                                                GHC 15,000.00 per year

Associations                                              GHC 12,000.00 per year

Clubs (tertiary and above)                      GHC 1,200.00 per year

Clubs (First and second cycle)               GHC 600.00 per year

Individuals                                                 GHC 120.00 per year