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Programmes And Projects

The Plastics Federation is fully mandated to ensuring vivacious, vibrant and sustainable plastics industry in Ghana. We are placed to meet and work towards sustainable society and to deliver compelling solutions to climate change, water shortage, resource mobilization and energy recovery.

The Plastics Federation achieves these ideals through projects and programmes.

The Plastics Federation is focused on creating a high level of awareness on Recycling in the country. In this regard, a National Recycling Week is slated for September 2019. With a hashtag #BERECYCLED, I (insert Recycling sign) Ghana, the Plastics Federation hopes to use this day to whip up enthusiasm in all Ghanaians to embrace recycling as one of the essential tools for effective plastic waste management in Ghana.

The Plastics Federation has over the period coordinated the participation in the 2018 World Cleanup Day, an initiative of the Let’s Do It Campaign that saw millions of people in 150 countries unite against the ever-growing waste pollution by organizing massive cleanup actions around the globe on 15th September 2018. The Plastics Federation will undertake this year’s Cleanup Campaign on 28th September 2019 at some selected the beaches of the country.

We collaborate with other Stakeholders, Policy makers, Civil society Organizations (CSO’s), Governmental Institutions, Academia and NGO’s in ensuring effective programing and strategic initiatives geared towards the protection of our environment.

The Plastics Federation organizes debates, workshops and seminars for its Plastics Clubs in first and second cycle schools to encourage and support the dissemination of knowledge and practice to plastics material use and recycle including management of plastics wastes. These debates, workshops and seminars are open to other clubs of young people who are not necessarily in formal educational institutions such as church youth groups, community youth groups, etc