West Africa Plastic Waste and Marine Litter Conference is going to be a conference organized to help strengthen, coordinate a greater cooperation within West African countries with boundaries with the ocean.

TALKPLAST 2019 shall be a platform for knowledge sharing in Plastic Circular Economy, Sustainability, Technology innovation on available resources of bring life to plastics leaked into our ocean.

Marine Litter and microplastics with respect to Ellen McArthur Foundation report is a concern that require a multi-stakeholder platform to dispassionately discuss and make policy proposals for immediate action within member countries and the regional body of ECOWAS.

Let’s preserve our ocean.
Let’s talk Circular Economy
Let’s act for Climate
Let’s sustain our environment.
Let’s reduce carbon emissions.
Let’s take action for the next generation.

TALKPLAST 2019 is your platform

TALKPLAST 2019 shall develop a cross-sectional wrokplane to be implemented through the private sector actor with support from regional political actors towards a long-term elimination of discharges of litter and microplastics through a life cycle approach, into the oceans.

Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).

18-20 June 2019.

Accra, Ghana.

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